Mizz Twerksum breaks down the history of twerking, viral Soulja Boy “Donk” Youtube video, regretting dating Finesse2Tymes

The Progress Report Podcast

Apr 12 2024 • 46 mins

“Me and my sisters would have been slutted out if our mom wasn’t managing us” ~ Mizz Twerksum The legendary Mizz Twerksum skips class with Lalaa Shepard of The Progress Report to speak about growing up in the midwest and relocating to Atlanta as a teenager, twerking with her big sisters and their mother turning their brand into a business, history of twerking, confidence as a woman before twerking, not being able to monetize on Youtube despite having million of views in the 2000s, breaking artists music and viral twerking video to Soulja Boy’s “Donk” song, career transitions as a fitness trainer and a singer, and regretting dating rapper Finesse2Tymes.