OTF Doodie Lo speaks on paying $100 for haircuts, King Von’s passing, withdrawals during rehab, defamation lawsuit

The Progress Report Podcast

Apr 22 2024 • 40 mins

“Back then it was more fun, when you get the money everything be all different… I miss the days where we was all in the same house” ~ OTF Doodie Lo OTF Doodie Lo skips class with Lalaa Shepard of The Progress Report to speak about being from Kankakee, Illinois, being named by his aunt, visiting Chicago and becoming friends with Lil Durk, looking up musically to Bow Wow and Gucci Mane and sacrifices made for his career, converting to Islam, being falsely accused of assault and winning defamation lawsuit, drug addiction and $100,000 rehab, and his upcoming album ‘What Made Me’.