Achieving Excellence: How Can Millennials Reach Their Full Potential? with Agostino Marengo

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16-03-2020 • 57 mins

Millennials hold significant responsibility for our future in business. But in today’s fast-evolving world, how can we prepare for this future? Agostino Marengo, an executive coach for millennials, talks about how he helps them reach their full potential.

In this episode, Agostino expounds on the implications of what he calls “the Golden Rush Evolution” in the business field. In line with this, he discusses how we can face this evolution by following his four steps to achieving excellence. So are you interested in unlocking your full potential? Then make sure you check these show notes and listen to the podcast to find out more!

About Our Guest:

Agostino Marengo is a man of many talents. He is currently a university professor, mechanical engineer, and an executive coach for millennials. He has also dedicated his life to helping millennials who wish to pursue business, entrepreneurship, and other careers.

Agostino's Insights on Millennials and Their Full Potential

Agostino’s Beginnings

  • Agostino did not come from an entrepreneurial family.
  • He pursued multiple fields, such as mechanical engineering and computer science.
  • Losing interest in his previous fields, he became fascinated in history. Hence, he started his career as a professor and research in university by 2000.

Implications of the Golden Rush Evolution

  • The fourth and current industrial revolution is characterized by a high rate of technological advancements that occurred in a short amount of time.
  • There is a heavy emphasis on the use of the internet and artificial intelligence.
  • New jobs are now emerging, but universities are not yet prepared to teach these to students.

Facing the Evolution: Three Assets

  • First, Savoir Faire (Knowing How to Do) - learning what you can in university
  • Second, Savoir Vivre (Knowing How to Live) - focusing on networking to position yourself in your job market
  • Third, Savoir Dire (Knowing How to Be) - having the self-awareness to realize your passion

Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

  • Hard skills are what you learn within the university, like medicine and engineering. These are going to be quickly outdated
  • On the other hand, soft skills focus on relating to others, such as honesty and kindness. These will help us adapt to the changes brought by the golden rush evolution.
  • Soft skills, despite their importance, are often forgotten, especially in the age of social media.

Four Steps to Achieving Excellence

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