Episode #43 About Creativity And Vulnerability


Nov 21 2021 • 53 mins

In today`s episode of "DEAR THERAPIST" I spoke to a former client, Dyan Valdés (she gave me the permission to tell her name), who has been a professional musician for years, playing in well-known bands and just recently, she released her very first own single FADE AWAY.

I wanted to know how she accesses creativity and we ended up having a wonderful talk about vulnerability, taking emotional risks, female empowerment and female support and why creating something special always means that some people will definitely not like it.

You can also enjoy listening to the song "FADE AWAY" at the end of the episode!

Check out more about Dyan`s work and her full album being released soon:

www.dyanvaldes.com https://www.facebook.com/DyanValdesMusic https://www.instagram.com/dyanvaldes/

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