045: Experiencing The Father's Love|Melissa Crossland

She Walks In Truth

06-11-2017 • 46 mins

God created Melissa Crossland to create. She is the owner of The Farmhouse Native, a homeschooling mother, and a voice of wisdom and encouragement to women and girls on their journey of seeking an identity with Christ. Let’s hear her story.

Melissa's Testimony (2:33)

Melissa grew up in a house that didn’t go to church, but even so, her faith journey began at the age of eight. Even that young she was intrigued be feeling God’s presence. As Melissa puts it, she could feel God “wooing” her. She would catch rides with neighbors to go to church or even hop on the elderly bus that would come by. These people were crucial in helping her get to church and further her relationship with God so that at the age of 11 she could be baptized. Her testimony goes to show that while she didn’t have the “head knowledge” of God Melissa certainly had the “heart knowledge” to understand that God wanted to be in the forefront of her life, that God would never abandon her, and that all God wanted was to live in her heart.

On Experiencing the Father’s Love (6:07)

Melissa had to overcome many circumstances that were beyond her control on her faith journey, one of those being an abusive father. She has a message for anyone who is stuck in the same place trying to experience a father’s love. That message is that who you are dealing with or what your circumstances and surroundings do not have to define you. They do not have to break you. She has found that often God uses us most when we are at our most broken, weakest, and vulnerable states. It’s through this that his love and compassion and mercy can truly shine if you accept His love into your heart.

Encouraging Women & Girls (12:47)

Helping young women establish their identity with Christ and come to know God better is a major calling in Melissa’s life. She recalls one moment of quiet time where the Lord clearly spoke to her, “I need you to be who you needed when you were younger for other women and girls.” She works to help open the eyes of women and girls to see themselves as God sees them – His word and His scripture is for absolutely everyone.

From One Extreme to Another(16:41)

In my own journey, I’ve found myself pushing back at times against the outward notions of health and earning certain things that businesses like mine promote. I noticed I began to change and try to fit into a mold, not because anyone else was putting pressure on me, but because of my own perception of myself and an unsure identity. So I swung to the other side of the spectrum saying things like, “Well I’m not going to do my hair!” Still, this isn’t what I needed either – but the swing between extremes is something Melissa sees young women struggling with as well. She tells women and girls that when you focus on your inner parts first your outer parts will start to benefit greatly as well. They are not separate.

Seasons of Rest (20:49)

Many of us like to go 90 miles an hour whether it building businesses, relationships, health or family. So when something like an injury, financial hurdle, or death comes along it can be jarring to all of a sudden seems like you’re not moving. But rest is one of God’s gifts to us – there are times where we need to have a quiet and still spirit to fully receive His truth. Melissa wants you to accept these periods in your life and listen. God has a plan for you, and you’ll miss it if you stay so focused on just doing you.

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