The Sit Down


I sit down with people from all walks of life who have a story to share where lessons can be learned. We have guests such as ex Mafia members, FBI Agents, people who have through against the system and won, international best selling authors and more! read less

The Sit Down #1 - Michael Franzese - Ex Capo Of The Colombo Mafia Family
The Sit Down #1 - Michael Franzese - Ex Capo Of The Colombo Mafia Family
Michael Franzese is an ex Captain of the Colombo Mafia Family in NYC. He managed to climb the ranks in a bid to free his Father from a 50 year prison sentence, defraud the US Government of hundreds of millions of dollars and had a contract put on his head when he walked away from the life.   FOLLOW ME: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:   FOLLOW MICHAEL FRANZESE: Website: Twitter: Facebook:   LIBERTY SHIELD: USE CODE THESITDOWN FOR 20% OFF!! Website: This episode is brought to you in partnership with - the perfect VPN companion for all your privacy and security needs; where you can get 20% OFF everything using coupon code THESITDOWN. Get your 48 Hour FREE Trial of LibertyShield today and start encrypting your internet connection straight away. It will stop your ISP logging traffic and bypass blocks on any geo-restricted content. LibertyShield offer low cost VPN Routers as well as FREE VPN Apps for iOS, Android, Amazon FireTV Stick, Mac & Windows.   LOOKING FOR A JOB? My Job Search is a self help e-book I have created to help people manage their own process, go through interview preparation, interview tips, negotiation tips and more!   BUY NOW: USA: UK: CANADA: AUSTRALIA: GERMANY: FRANCE: SPAIN: ITALY: NETHERLANDS: JAPAN: BRAZIL: MEXICO: INDIA: