Episode 75: Mindfulness in Action: the Five Things Saving My Summer and other insights a long the way

Medium Lady Talks

Jul 12 2023 • 50 mins

Hello, hi! In this episode I share the five things saving my summer. From indulging in charcuterie plates to embracing personal food choices, I explore the simple joys and conveniences that make a difference in my life. Nostalgic moments in my Instagram archives and old Spotify playlists inspire me. Summer dresses bring comfort and style. I rave about 'The Five Things Cleaning Method' for a clean and organized home. Plus, I share my experience with leakproof underwear!! (omg). Throughout the episode, I encourage mindfulness, inviting you to pause and create your own summer saver  lists to help you get through summer connected to yourself with more intention.

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Now a Spotify Playlist: All the “Five things” Episodes - you can binge previous episodes with personalized lists of how I’m mindfully reflecting on the things that help me feel  most like myself

Also Mentioned:

How to Keep House While Drowning - by KC Davis

The Five Things Cleaning Method - more detail from Apartment Therapy

Knix Leakproof Underwear - I love the high-rise version! This link will give you 20$ off your purchase from the Knix website (*I receive a 20$ credit when you use the link)

The MLT theme music is Climb by The Ghost in the Piano, I'm grateful to use it via creative commons licensing.