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Hey, I'm Demetrius Thigpen (@meech.speaks on Instagram) and this is my weekly podcast where I share my practical thoughts on mindset, motivation and what it means to be human. No beating around the bush or any fancy social media guru advice. I'm just a Marine with a podcast sharing my personal perspective as I navigate through these trenches called life. Join me every Monday! read less
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Discipline of Desire: What Really Fuels Our Journey
Mar 4 2024
Discipline of Desire: What Really Fuels Our Journey
Welcome back to another episode of Talkin' Crazy, the show where we dive deep into the realms of mindset, motivation, and the raw essence of human potential. I'm your host, Meech, and today we have an incredible guest whose journey will surely leave you both inspired and introspective. Joining us is Sabrina—a powerhouse of ambition who made the audacious leap from the medical field to the fitness industry. Once a pedal-to-the-medal medical assistant and phlebotomist, she has now found her true calling amidst dumbbells and deadlifts. But don't be fooled; the path hasn't been easy. Sabrina opens up about her struggles and triumphs, from staying disciplined when gym doors slammed shut during the pandemic to investing in an ocean's worth of protein over the years. Together, we're going to unravel the tapestry of staying motivated beyond those New Year's spikes in gym memberships. With Sabrina's help, we'll cut through the fluff of popular motivational phrases to explore the grind behind phrases like "trust the process" and "remember your why." We'll also discuss the critical aspect of evolving a mindset tuned for growth and the embracing of solitude for self-reflection, alongside the nourishing practice of self-care away from the iron grips of the gym. Get ready for an episode of Talkin' Crazy where we confront the hard truths of taking action, the wisdom embedded in our years of experience, and the beauty of "being human." And, hey, who knows? Maybe we'll even share our secret lo-fi playlist that sets the mood for those essential brainstorms. instagram - Meech.speaks sabrinacornejo_
Tough Times Build Tough People, or Whatever They Say
Feb 12 2024
Tough Times Build Tough People, or Whatever They Say
Today, as we start a new week, I'm aware that some of you may be feeling the weight of life’s challenges. And trust me, I'm right there with you. I've recently faced some tough times myself—moments that almost brought me to tears out of frustration and disappointment. In this episode, we’re going to explore why it's essential to remember and reflect on these struggles. Throughout life, we are bound to face adversity. But it's these very moments that also serve as powerful lessons and opportunities for self-growth. It's tempting to move on quickly and forget, yet there is much to be gained from recalling our trials and what they've taught us. Today, I'm asking you to join me in a conversation that may be difficult but is undeniably necessary. By looking back at our toughest times, we discover invaluable insights and develop the resilience to face future challenges with a newfound strength—emotional calluses, if you will, that serve to protect us down the road. In the quiet space of self-reflection, we are often able to ask the hard questions that lead to profound personal growth. Together, we’ll explore these questions and share how recalling our past pains plays a crucial role in shaping our future. Thank you for trusting me with your time and for bringing your authentic self to our community. Now, let's take a deep, collective breath, and delve into this complex journey of remembrance and resilience. follow on instagram @meech.speaks