A Bit of Wisdom from Corey Smith - National Auto Care / Fixed Ops 5 - WTF?! Ep. 12 #Short

What the Fixed Ops?! (WTF?!)

May 27 2022 • 55 seconds

A bit of wisdom from Corey Smith, of the Fixed Ops 5 podcast and National Auto Care!

Warm welcome and BIG THANKS to Corey Smith for joining us today! Be sure to visit his website www.nationalautocare.com! Make sure to give a listen to his podcast too! Fixed Ops 5!!

Want to get ahold of Corey? Email him at csmith@nationalautocare.com!

See more episodes: www.fixedopsmarketing.com/wtf

Join Managing Partner and Host, Russell B. Hill and Charity Dunning, Co-Host and Chief Marketing Officer of FixedOPS Marketing, as we discuss life, automotive, and the human journey in WTF?!

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