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Boneless Wings & Chicken Nuggets | Daily Best of March 14 | Rick & Bubba
Boneless Wings & Chicken Nuggets | Daily Best of March 14 | Rick & Bubba
Buffalo Wild Wings is being sued in a class-action lawsuit that claims "boneless wings" are actually just chicken fingers. While we agree, we have to point out that chickens don't have fingers, or nuggets, for that matter. In political news, Joe Biden questions whether he actually is commander-in-chief. The men who were hired by Jussie Smollett to stage a racist attack speak out for the first time and detail the plans behind the hoax. An Arizona trucker thinks he's recorded a road-side ghost with his dashboard camera. And as Bubba struggles to come up with a name for his farm property, we give him plenty of non-helpful suggestions.  Sponsor: Bank On Yourself: We've been brainwashed into believing the only way to grow our money for retirement is to risk it in the stock market. Not true. You can reach your financial goals and dreams without taking any unnecessary risks. Do you really control your retirement money? If you’ve got a 401(k) or IRA or similar retirement plan, the government controls it. They decide how much you can borrow and when you must pay it back, and you’ll owe taxes and penalties for taking money out too soon or waiting too long – even though it’s YOUR money. And thanks to our skyrocketing national debt and a Congress that continues to spend like a drunken sailor, who knows how much you’ll have to pay in taxes during a retirement that could last 30 years? Bank On Yourself is a better way to grow and protect your hard-earned money. This retirement plan alternative has never had a losing year in over 160 years! You can get a FREE report with all the details on how the Bank On Yourself strategy adds guarantees, predictability and control to your financial plan. Go to https://BankOnYourself.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices