Sanjay Raval's Podcast

Sanjay Raval

Sanjay Menaben Raval is one of the well-known Gujarati speaker on Fearless Life and Personality Development. By profession he is builder, author and a producer of the Gujarati Film “Vitamin she”. He runs Bookstores, Fitness Zone (Gym), Lifestyle Store and Hotel. He has ability to deliver original and useful insights via daily routine examples. He motivates individuals to live fearless life, develop personality and live life positive way. For nearly 5 years, many of the well-known organization, schools, colleges, companies have invited him for seminar on Fearless Life and Personality Development for their events. All the seminars conducted by Mr. Sanjay Raval are pro bono. He has done more than 1300 seminars in last five years. read less