Blockchain Safety and Decentralization to Replace Tech Monopolies

The Metaverse Guy

11-02-2022 • 7 mins

Blockchain is one of the disruptive technologies of these times. That they have become one of the hottest topics of discussion around the world and anyone who is remotely interested in technology can’t help but admire this futuristic technological sensation. This technology is altering every aspect of the world order be it the way we transact or the way we entertain or even the way we involve in social interaction. Everything is about to undergo the ripple that will be caused by the Blockchain. In this podcast of The Metaverse Guy, we would be discussing this groundbreaking technology.

Blockchain is an amazing technology that allows users to store data with full control of it and does do away with security and privacy concerns. Plus, it also shortens the chain between the supplier and the user.

Therefore, we will be discussing what is blockchain and its basic elements including a discussion over a block and its component. We would also traverse through its various features like immutability, decentralization, distribution, and privacy protection.

However, since one of the major qualities of blockchain is the safety of the data, we would have a detailed discussion as to why they are considered safe and how they offer the safety of the user’s data. The podcast will cover the different layers of security that blockchain offers i.e. on the block level, on the chain level, and lastly on the network level. Thus, this podcast is about to get very interesting and full of insights. Hope you enjoy it.

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