A Mother's Quest to Answer Pregnancy's Unanswered Questions

Stilettos on the Ground

Aug 28 2019 • 34 mins

Lily chats with Brittney Crystal. Brittney is the founder of The Iris Fund, an organization that aims to eliminate preterm birth by funding research to discover the triggers of labor. After Brittney’s daughter, Iris, died unexpectedly during childbirth at about 28 weeks - an age most babies in the US can thrive at - Brittney and her family experienced much grief. They also had a lot of questions. In the days that followed, Brittney was shocked to learn that the triggers of full term labor in a normal pregnancy are not well understood. This knowledge gap prevents the medical community from understanding how to prevent preterm birth. Knowing this, Brittney sprung into action and started the Iris Fund, named for her daughter, to fund research that will first answer what triggers full term labor to eventually end preterm birth.

To learn more about the Iris Fund, check out their website at www.theirisfund.org. Also, check out the crowdrise site to support Team Iris in the Ridgefield Half Marathon on 9/22!

Follow the Iris Fund on social too!
Instagram: @theirisfund
Facebook: @theirisfund.org
Twitter: @TheIrisFund

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