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In Conversation with Dr. Milin Shantilal Shah w/ Arjun Jani
Oct 28 2023
In Conversation with Dr. Milin Shantilal Shah w/ Arjun Jani
Join us in this inspiring podcast episode as we delve into the remarkable life and entrepreneurial journey of Dr. Milin Shantilal Shah, a key figure in the success of Sarom Fab Pvt. Ltd., a leading name in the Solutions & Furnishings industry. Dr. Milin's story embodies the power of continuous learning, unwavering resilience, and the profound significance of taking measured steps towards success.In his early years, Dr. Milin Shah had a carefree childhood far removed from the world of business. Little did he know that his family's retail store would leave an indelible mark on him, igniting his passion for helping people make their homes beautiful and functional.Founded by Mr. Amarshi Shah and Mr. Shantilal Shah, Sarom Fab Pvt. Ltd. has become a leading brand in the industry, specializing in curtains and upholstery. Dr. Milin emphasizes that their success is a result of collective teamwork and dedication.Throughout their journey, Sarom Fab Pvt. Ltd. faced numerous challenges, including a critical moment when their primary fabric supplier severed ties. Dr. Milin highlights the importance of strong relationships in navigating the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship.Dr. Milin's personal growth within the company was marked by his willingness to start at the ground level, learning the ropes from the bottom up. He firmly believes that success is a marathon, not a sprint, and learning from failures is a vital part of growth.Today, Sarom Fab Pvt. Ltd. champions customer satisfaction as a core value and has plans for international expansion, already supplying to countries like Dubai, Singapore, and London.Dr. Milin Shah's journey is not only one of business success but also of the importance of family, friends, and continuous learning. His achievements and accolades in the fabric and furnishings industry reflect their commitment to quality, innovation, and outstanding entrepreneurship.Join us as we explore the inspiring journey of Dr. Milin Shah, a true embodiment of the unwavering spirit of entrepreneurship, on a path that took him from family values to global success.Check out my latest episode!