The Black Spy Podcast welcome to season Two review

The Black Spy Podcast

18-10-2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

The Black Spy Podcast, Season 2, episode 0000

'Listeners questions, a review of last season and the themes going forward'

Season Two of The Black Spy Podcast blasts off with the Black Spy answering the most asked questions from season One. Posed by Dan, his web director, Carlton answers the questions in depth utilising examples from his clandestine life.

Dan kicks off by asking Carlton about the coming season, so he spokes of Patreon and outlines guests such as Author, literary agent and publisher Andrew Lownie, the number one selling agent in the world.

Carlton is asked to provide his opinion of some of the best and most realistic espionage, undercover and protection orientated movies. Dan also asks if, like in the US with the Patriot Act, whether post 9/11 Carlton and colleagues in Special Branch, MI5 and MI6 obtained extra powers to bug and surveil suspects? Carlton fully explains his answer to this question and highlights the difference between the UK and the USA in this sphere.

An answer to one of Dan's questions elicits two examples from Carlton's past operations including his actions against an IRA hit team (aka Active Service Unit) and the shooting of a Palestinian assassin who shot the Israeli Ambassador in London.

Carlton speaks of the duplicity of politicians, and provides examples of this as regards the above mentioned operations and the fact that he was head hunted to take on the role as head of the Iraqi Mukhabarat (Secret Police or Special Branch) after the invasion of Iraq.

Carlton also answers questions concerning the validity of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Would he have advised undertaking them?

He's asked about the support of Saddam Hussein for some Palestinian terror groups and the activities of Israel and its secret services in Israel and the occupied territories. Dan also asks about the genesis of the Palestinian, Israeli conflict.

Dan questions Carlton concerning his firearms training as a secret agent? Carlton explains the different between the general limited level of firearms training in MI6, as opposed to the high degree of firearms training in some sections of Scotland Yard's Special Branch and subsequently SO1 Specialist Protection. Carlton explains the concept of horses of courses and the need for firearms training etc.

This is a far reaching extended episode around several themes of revision and setting the scene for future episodes with guests from varied walks of life such as: the gaming industry, a doctor in the UK prison establishment dealing with serial killers and drug abusers, 'A' list actors, a Premier League footballer, a leading drug, sex and abuse worker, a professional boxer, a major City (of London) financier, a TV & Movie producer, a top paparazzi and a man who made a fortune in crypto currency and lost it. And of course, The Black Spy will always explore the synergies with the Secret World.

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