Simms 2022 All-Pro Team + Homies' Choice Awards

Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Feb 27 2023 • 1 hr 31 mins

(2:55) Scouting Combine: Does it matter if coaches don't go?

(10:30) Simms 2022 All-Pro Offense: Sounds like Chris has a clear-cut Top 4 for his summer QB rankings.

(28:30) Simms 2022 All-Pro Defense: "Bobby Wagner is not a Second-Team All-Pro LB. The Rams told you that this week."

(48:00) Ahmed's Under-Talked About Team: What QB makes the team (again)?

(59:20) Peter Peter Peter Awards: We give some love to special teams standouts.

(1:05:20) Big Butts of the Year: Who was the best DT and EDGE of the NFL this year?

(1:11:00) 3rd Annual Homies' Choice Awards: Did Patrick Mahomes' Super Bowl win the Damn! Okay...Performance of the Year?