Super Bowl LVII Preview: "Don't smoke at halftime"

Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Feb 6 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

Note: This episode was taped last Wednesday.

(1:20) Chiefs vs Eagles in 2021: Did KC's victory last season reveal anything?

(5:05) Eagles offense: "This is one of the most overpowering O-lines I've ever seen."

(14:10) Chiefs defense: "I think they have enough depth and size."

(28:20) Chiefs offense: "You're Patrick Mahomes. If you don't attack their ass I'll be mad at you."

(38:55) Eagles defense: Can they shut down the Isiah Pacheco like the Bengals did?

(46:30) True or False: The Chiefs have the 3 best players in this game.

(51:10) Travis Kelce hook-and-ladder: Ahmed is excited about the rugby revolution again.

(55:10) Chiefs uniforms: We're rooting for the all whites.