Business Finances Masterclass with Jon Morris

Honest Marketing

Nov 14 2023 • 40 mins

Business owners, do your numbers drive action or confusion? Let's navigate the landscape of essential financial metrics every agency should monitor, guided by our digital marketing veteran guest, Jon Morris. With a rich background founding EngineBI and Fiscal Advocate, Jon brings a wealth of experience to the discussion. Dive into his insights on how he steered his initial one-man startup to a 250-employee success story, utilizing a financial framework known as the BASE scorecard. He breaks down the core metrics of cash, profit, revenue, renewals, and gross margin. Jon also discusses how agencies can use these metrics to make tangible improvements through strategies like reducing churn, optimizing sales & marketing spend, and focusing R&D. Don't let your agency's financial data be a source of perplexity. Tune in to gain insights and empower your business with a clearer understanding of the crucial metrics that drive success. Specifically, this episode highlights the following themes: Importance of financial planning, alignment, and execution in a business. The necessity of reducing churn and investing in sales and marketing. Success stories from using Jon's financial scoring system Links from this episode: Know more about Jon Morris: Learn more about EngineBI: Learn more about Fiscal Advocate: Want to give your podcast the boost it needs to stay ahead of the competition? Check out and take the first step toward achieving your podcasting goals! And if you have a guest in mind who you think would be a great fit for this show, drop me a line at