Episode 127b - Hostile Drones, Meta Disapointment, Mozilla Burner Phones, and more drones.

Iron Sysadmin Podcast

Oct 14 2022 • 1 hr 32 mins

Welcome to Episode 127



  • [Nate]
    • From ebay, It’s an HP Proliant
    • It’s like a decade old, but has 24 xeon cores, and 96gb of memory.
    • I paid under $180 including shipping.
    • https://labgopher.com
    • I bought a new old server…
    • 3d printer is acting up a bit.
    • Started a new hacky project on the jeep. Or, at least started planning it and getting parts together anyway.
    • Getting a donkey (must be rideable)
  • [XenoPhage]
    • Want a “server” board…  64G-128G max, start w/ 32G ..  Maybe dual CPU?
    • Thinking maybe the AMD Epyc?
    • 6+ SATA
    • Starting to think about building a new server
    • Got a new toy for the Steam Deck…
    • Honey-do list++


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