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May 7 2023 • 50 mins

This week Mario & Jamie are back to close out section 1 of The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle.

To recap before we jump in to todays chapters, here is what we have covered.

  • Chpt 1: The Good Apple
  • Chpt 2: The Billion Dollar Day When Nothing Happened
  • Chpt 3: The Christmas Truce, The One Hour Experiment, and The Missileers
  • Chpt 4: How To Build Belonging

We have 2 previous episodes on this chapter and they are 117 & 118.

Today here are the Ideas For Action by Daniel Coyle and we want to pick ones we are great at and ones we need to work on.

Gather your team and work on these together.

  1. Overcommunicate Your Listening
  2. Spotlight Your Fallibility Early On -Especially if You're The Leader
  3. Embrace The Messenger
  4. Preview Future Connection
  5. Overdo Thank-Yous
  6. Be Painstaking In The Hiring Process
  7. Eliminate The Bad Apples
  8. Create Safe, Collision-Rich Spaces
  9. Make Sure Everyone Has A Voice
  10. Pick Up Trash
  11. Capitalize On Threshold Moments
  12. Avoid Giving Sandwich Feedback
  13. Embrace Fun

We would love for you to gather your team, look these over, and ask them to rank the ones we are good at, and ones we need to work on. Do this together. Create safety.

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