126: BRING IT! Every. Single. Day!

Made4More - Motivate.Inspire.Encourage

Jul 30 2023 • 45 mins

Today Mario, continues our book The Wisdom of the Bullfrog by Admiral William H. McRaven.

You can purchase the book HERE.

In today's episode we discuss...
- When In Command, Command
- We All Have Our Frog Floats
- The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
- Run To The Sound Of The Guns

We want to make sure that as leaders, we are growing. Leading by example is the biggest example we can be. Self leadership allows us to lead others and allows us to have influence into the lives of those we lead.

1. Ask yourself...
- Are there areas in my job where I am feeling entitled?
- Are there areas that I find beneath me and my role?
If so, this week go and help with them. Show your team and employees or co-workers that you are a team player and team leader.

2. What are you putting off because it is a tough decision or choice?
- Did you know that putting the choice or decision off, is going to do just as much damage as doing it.
- Not moving on a decision will only compound when a new decision arises or makes itself available. Choose to MOVE.

Remember, we EXIST for more, we are here to OFFER more, don't EVER give up, every single one of us is Made4More.

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