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Jun 18 2023 • 1 hr 15 mins

Today Jay Mayo & Mario talk about what happens when the podcast mics are turned off.

This is a different kind of podcast that will challenges the way we think about the traditional "church" gathering.

Why are we having this discussion? After years of being in the ministry, Mario & Jay have began to challenge each other leading individuals outside the walls of the church. Is there a different way to approach leading people and reaching people.

We understand that this discussion will challenge our way of thinking of something so traditional, but if traditional is not working anymore, then what do we need to change? Same Message, different approach!

- Jocko Podcast
- Micah Fink
- AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church
- Simon Sinek - Leaders Eat Last
- Trust & Inspire

Remember We exist for more, We are here to offer more, Don't ever give up, Every single one of us is Made4More.

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