Another Great Country Corner Show With Ken The WX-Man 06.016.2024

Sky Blue Radio KSBR Denver

Jun 17 2024 • 1 hr 59 mins

Howdy! If you’ve landed here, then I suppose you wanna know my deep, dark secrets. Sorr-rey!

I will tell you I am a U.S. Navy disabled veteran. All my duty stations in a nutshell: I started in Antarctica (Summer Support based out of Port Hueneme, California) and Christchurch, New Zealand, Hawaii, Illinois briefly for Forecast school. Then off to Iceland; spent 1 year at Bethesda Naval Hospital in a quite torturous year in physical therapy. From there I ended up as Staff Meteorologist as an E-6 (after my E-7 left and told the detailer an E-7 AG wasn’t needed at that command) to an admiral in Okinawa. In between I went to the Philippines, Thailand, oh and South Korea a few times and once to Yokosuka, Japan. My final duty station was at Whidbey Island, Washington. I finished my journyeyman course there and became a Certified Journeyman Meteorologist. Still wasn’t good enough for the National Weather Service, though. Oh well. And, believe it or not – I did volunteer DJ work for Armed Forces Radio in both Antarctica and in Iceland! Out of all of that, I don’t have ONE good sea story for you!

I spent 10 years as a weather producer making all the graphics you would see for the then startup of CNN International. All but one producer were pink slipped!

Still with me?? Wow… you DO like punishment, don’t you? So after another ten years of drifting around for work, I did the absolute final injury to my back and am now in a fully disabled state as far as work goes. Good thing I had that ten years at CNN International, since I missed out on retiring from the Navy. For my 65th birthday just this last May, I gave myself one helluva gift by toally blowing the quadricep tendon to my left knee! What a way to celebrate one’s milestone birthday, huh?

Did you doze off? No?? Well. If you want to know more, then you’ll just have to ask me when I’m on-air!