In the pod with Hustle Poet

Love Amaarah

Hustle Poet is Love Amaarah's answer to the constant evolving perceptions and outlooks society presents daily, dealing with #Love, #Faith, #Hope, #Abuse in all forms, #Injustice, #Anger, #Dating, #Relationships in all states, #Environmental Issues, #Politics and much more. ​ Taking a creative approach, the suggestion of a new perception amidst adversity has been crafted, cultivated, and released in poetic verse to caress real thoughts, actions, perspective, and wisdom into the minds of every reader who is in search of truth, guidance, and a new voice to gain understanding in a society of closed minds, vacant ears and a cold heart. ​ The idea is to inspire by giving new life through an old medium. In order to fan the flames that burn for change inside each soul we encounter, we must first remain accountable for the aspects of our own enlightenment in the shade of turning blind eyes to visible actions. ​ If you wish to be the change that is needed in our current world, wherever society may or may not welcome you, you must first open your mind to new concepts, expand your vision and focus on enhancing the perspective you lead life with by aligning yourself with a message of growth. Instead of living life building from the feet up, we enhance the life we choose to lead by being effective in creating the change starting from within. ​ Only then can we align with our true vision and live our #purpose in truth. ​ That is what builds the #Hustle of #Alignment within the #Poet. ​