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Relationships building
5d ago
Relationships building
Relationship building you need to know. Want to rebuild your relationship? What to improve your relationship? What to know how to have basic true foundation to build on? Want to know the two things that will help you keep your relationship and how to look how to prevent break ups. Here’s howPodcast notes Welcome to real men talk with Big BMy name is Kurt BradleyThis episode we will talk about Rebuilding, Improving and set foundation for relationships. This episode is sponsor by Legal shied. Everyone desired quality legal service. 4 Things you need to rebuild or build your relationship(1) Security. Want to be safe(2) Show Love, not just tell me you love me(3) Communication. Talk to each other. Two way commiunication(4) Leader. I want someone to lead me and have input3 Things to will help you focus on your vision(1) Plan. Got to have a plan to give the relationship a vision and purpose(2) Path. Got to have an idea of which direction to go, It may be right or wrong but must have a path(3) Perceptions . Must move on the path and plan. But also be ready for corrections in relationship 2 Most important things that will keep or break up most relationships(1) Men want to feel Appreciation(2) Women don’t want to be cheated on 1 the most important things that needed in any relationship. (1) Must agree and stick to the and adjust when need to build relationship. Disclimer. This podcast is my personal thoughts and experience on the topic of each podcast. I am not a professional, this is my platform to share my thought and experience no one else. This is for informational only. Can be reached or Twitter @ BradleycenterllI post on Thursday. Question comment or heThis Week we will talk about I getting it right with relationships. Sponsored information information Twitter: @bradleycenterllcEmail: