The Kidnapping of Schanda Handley

True Crime Creepers

May 30 2024 • 1 hr 17 mins

Schanda Handley was enjoying a quiet evening at home with her daughter and a friend when, without warning, two men burst into the house. They handcuffed her, forcibly dragged her out, and threw her into their van. The terrifying incident unfolded in a blur, leaving Schanda in a state of shock. However, nothing in this story was as it seemed; unexpected twists and turns awaited at every corner. Sources: Evidence in the kidnapping of Schanda Handley He Hired 2 Men to Kidnap His Wife. They Ended Up Drowning. - The New York Times Who is Schanda Handley and what happened to her? | The US Sun Schanda Handley Kidnapping Evidence Photos | CBS News State v. Handley, No. 22-601 | Casetext Search + Citator. The Kidnapping of Schanda Handley | Full Episode Businessman wanted in bizarre kidnapping of Lafayette woman arrested, authorities say | Crime/Police | July 2021: Lafayette millionaire takes plea deal in 2017 kidnapping case of estranged wife | Courts | March 2022: Lafayette millionaire sentenced to 35 years for masterminding 2017 kidnapping of estranged wife | Courts | Arrest document gives more details in bizarre kidnapping-for-hire; Lafayette businessman rented van in Baton Rouge | Crime/Police | In court filings, Lafayette businessman's estranged wife says he orchestrated her kidnapping | Crime/Police | Sponsors: Prose! Get 50% off your first subscription and FREE consultation at EarnIn Download EarnIn today in the Google Play or Apple App Store! ● When you download the EarnIn app type in creepers under PODCAST when you sign up Acorns Head to or download the Acorns app to start saving and investing for your future today!  Masterclass Get 15% off any annual membership at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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