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Frank Vasquez

Risk Parity Radio is a podcast about investing located at www.riskparityradio.com.  RPR explores risk-parity style portfolios comprised of uncorrelated or negatively correlated asset classes -- stocks, selected bonds, gold, REITs and other easily accessible fund options for the DIY investor.  The goal is to construct portfolios that are robust and can be drawn down on in perpetuity, and to maximize projected Safe Withdrawal Rates regardless of projected overall returns. read less

Episode 238:  CAPE Crusading, NEWMAN! And Portfolio Reviews As Of January 27, 2023
Episode 238: CAPE Crusading, NEWMAN! And Portfolio Reviews As Of January 27, 2023
In this episode we answer emails from Justin and Arun.   We discuss the last decade of history of the failed use of CAPE ratios as a crystal ball and the general problems with those approaches, and the inherent limitations and problems with using the personal finance recommendations of theoretical economists.And THEN we our go through our weekly portfolio reviews of the seven sample portfolios you can find at Portfolios | Risk Parity Radio.Additional links:CAPE Ratios Article:  CAPE Fear: Why CAPE Naysayers Are Wrong | Research AffiliatesMichael Kitces  CAPE Article (2016):  Reducing Retirement Return Assumptions For High Valuation? (kitces.com)Kitces Critique of November 2021 Morningstar Forecasts Report:  Can Morningstar's Withdrawal Rate Report Refute The 4% Rule? (kitces.com)Sector P/E Ratios Article:  Sector Valuation: Shiller PE By Sectors - GuruFocus.comIndustry P/E Ratios Article:  Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratios by Industry | Eqvista2022 Morningstar Report:  2022 Retirement Withdrawal Strategies Report | MorningstarAfford Anything Kotlikoff Interview:  #329: Challenging Your Confirmation Bias, with Economist Larry Kotlikoff - Afford AnythingPlanet Money Economist Interview:  Yale Economist James Choi Analyzes Popular Financial Advice : Planet Money : NPRComplex Adaptive Systems and the Math that Applies To Them:  The Fractal Lens - Prospecting Mimetic FractalsMore Than You Know Book:  More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places by Michael J. Mauboussin | GoodreadsSupport the show