How Ric Edelman plans to grow to $150 billion in AUM, 300,000 clients, and 1,250 financial advisors in 10 years

Between Now and Success

25-04-2016 • 54 mins

Ric Edelman is one of those rare people who can make bold, provocative statements AND have the experience and track record to prove that he’s not just blowing smoke.

If you ask industry people who has been the most successful financial advisor over the past 30 years, Ric Edelman would likely top the list. Starting from scratch in the 1980’s, Ric built a juggernaut with 30,000 clients, 125 financial advisors, 500 employees in 42 offices, and $15 billion in AUM.

When I asked Ric what the next 10 years looks like, he said, “10X. Add a zero to everything.”

What’s even more impressive than the raw numbers Ric has generated to date is how he did it--through organic growth.

Ric leveraged his journalism background and became a massive media star spanning multiple bestselling books, a nationally syndicated radio show, and a popular television show. Through educating the public, Ric Edelman gained trust and the clients followed by the thousands.

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