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Communications For Preppers
Communications For Preppers
In This Episode:In today's world, it has become very easy to be dependent upon modern technology devices such as cell phones, the internet, social media, and television. For those of us in the prepper community, we must understand that a time may come when these modern conveniences may no longer be a viable resource for communication. How will you be able to communicate when your cell phone has no service or the battery is down? Cell phones require working service or the internet and a charged battery to operate. During an emergency, you may need to rely on alternate forms of communication such as amateur radio, family band radios, satellite phones, landlines, or old-fashioned hand-written notes.In this episode, we will explore the alternative forms of communication that we have available in the event of an emergency! Key Topics:Social MediaFacebook Google crisis response    Mobile AppsLife 360FEMA appCell PhoneLandline telephone Satellite PhonesTwo-Way radioCitizens Band Radio (CB Radio)Amateur Radio (HAM Radio)Old-fashioned handwritten notesConclusion Resources:The Family Emergency Communications PlanFinancial Disaster PlanningThe Basic Emergency Supply KitFamily Emergency Communications Forms PDFFinancial Disaster Plan Forms PDFBasic Emergency Supplies kit Checklist PDFSocial Media;FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestWebpage; https://www.typicalprepping.comSubscribe to my email list; Click HereEmail me with your suggestions, comments, or questions; keith@typicalprepping.comSupport the show