95: How Endings Create an Open Door to Self-love with Laura Patricia Martin

Get Your Life Together, Girl

Sep 13 2022 • 52 mins

The road to self-love often comes with both endings and new beginnings. Yet, the ends tend to undo us and make us doubt our worth, abilities, and self-esteem, especially when talking about our most intimate relationships.

In continuing our search for building self-love, I sat down with my friend, Laura Patricia Martin, the host of the Happy and Healing Podcast, as she and I moved through what it takes to have full ownership of ourselves, self-love, steady relationships, and then we leaned into the important of self-inquiry.

This conversation is filled with tools to help you shift beyond the negative, trying relationships and ultimate ends to finding yourself in the greatest sense of self-understanding, and it originally aired on the Healing to Happy Podcast hosted by Laura Patricia Martin. It is my pleasure to share it now with you.

Key Takeaways:

00:00 Introduction

02:36 Laura asks me what I am personally walking through in this stage of my humanness

04:55 This is a year of significant changes for most of us, especially when we are growth-focused and how attachment does not serve our self-love and growth

08:03 What surrendering looks like and how to do it

11:00 How self-trust is the ONLY guide we have when we meet uncertainty

15:48 Trauma and self-trust that breaks our path to self-love

20:40 From ages 2 to 7 years in our lives is where we first create our definitions of safety

26:37 The difference between fault and responsibility

31:36 Relationships are 100% efforts of ourselves while meeting your needs first

33:51 Look at your relationships; how are you showing up and giving of yourself?

40:00 How to be the safe space for ourselves and others

45:06 Reparenting your reactions is a must when doors close and the new you steps through

46:30 Changing your language from “you” to “I”

50:17 The four questions for self-connection

The greatest thing we can ever do for ourselves is to know and honor who we are outside of any relationship. It’s truly the only way to build self-love, trust, respect, all the pieces that come into play with true life ownership and peace. I cannot thank Laura and the Healing to Happy enough for having me and allowing me to bring this conversation to you. Laura is no stranger to the Get Your Life Together, Girl podcast. You can listen to Episode 28 to hear more about her personal story and the work she does for and with women.

You can also find her on Instagram @healingtohappy and listen to her podcast.

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