#61 – Hubie Halloween

They're All Going To Laugh At Him

08-10-2020 • 54 mins

Episode Notes

The SEQUEL to Happy Gilmore, and the Spiritual successor of The Waterboy, and the alternate reality of The Canteen boy mix to make a pretty decent movie. Back to the strong-man motif found in early Sandler and making a hero from a possible villian.

Look at this photo! What?!?! https://twitter.com/LaughAtHimPod/status/1313993803624218624?s=20

Also, we are rusty. It's a 3 Star Sandlayer film. Also also I used a new audio editor so those little issues are me not your player, real sorry the 3rd word made me sound like that.


Jess- @Jawska Alex- @KittyCrusade

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