Breaking Average

Breaking Average

A fully lived and understood life can only be achieved by those who choose to break average. If you are too careful, too cautious, or even too comfortable, then you will likely fall short of reaching your potential. In other words, choosing average, which is default living, will keep you from being your best.

This podcast explores a different path -- it explores what it means to break average. Each week we share insights and ideas to help propel you forward, curated from our own experiences, plus some of the top thought leaders in industry today. We share resources, practical tips, and helpful stories and science to give you tools to help you grow and make an impact.

The late/great Jim Rohn once said, "we should be something more than average.” Join us each weekfor the Breaking Average Podcast, and discover why this is so important.

This show is co-hosted by Paul Gustavson, a leader in the tech industry and the author of Leaders Press On, Speech Blueprint, Breaking Average, and the forthcoming book Imagine. Paul's daily focus is on the idea of Full Spectrum Innovation, which is centered on personal, technical, and corporate growth.

Starting in the 2022 fall season, Paul was joined by Barry Smith, and world-class coach, author, and speaker focused on Building What Matters. Other cohosts - who are still guests of the show include Rick Morris, Mike Harbour and Diane Caine.

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