Alan Witchey: One-Stop-Shop Model in a Digital Age

In A Positive Light

Mar 29 2021 • 35 mins

The Damien Center provides one-stop-shop HIV care. How does that differ from traditional HIV care centers? What options does it provide? Listen in to today’s interview with Alan Witchey, the executive director of The Damien Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, as he discusses his passion for the job, what makes The Damien Center different, and how the one-stop-shop model factors into the success of the organization.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Caring about the entire person with HIV
  • The history behind The Damien Center
  • What brought Alan to this place
  • What keeps Alan going
  • What The Damien Center offers
  • How what The Damien Center offers is different from what other HIV care centers offer
  • Does the one-stop-shop cause dependence or self-sufficiency
  • How The Damien Center gets continuous funding
  • The results that The Damien Center has seen from its model
  • Challenges Alan has seen while implementing the one-stop-shop model
  • How the organization’s alliances and partnerships have evolved over time
  • How COVID affected The Damien Center’s programming
  • The most successful digital programs with COVID
  • How to connect and keep engaged online
  • How people are adapting
  • Advice for community health leaders who want to implement a one-stop-shop model

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