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Pathway to Evangelism: Step 2 - Engage in Conversation
Pathway to Evangelism: Step 2 - Engage in Conversation
Sharing the Gospel in conversation is a process. This premise drives the Pathway to Evangelism 4-Step series. Last week we discussed Step1:Prayer. This week we continue in the series with Step-2: Engage in Conversation. The podcast begins with me telling when I realized that someone may need some help with this step. Not everyone is great with conversation, and many people are uncomfortable with spontaneous conversation with someone which they have never met. However, we cannot allow a current deficit to paralyze our efforts to share the Gospel. Notice that I used “current” because you can overcome and improve in this area. The rest of the podcast contains several Scriptures to support our need to engage others in conversation and know their names. I read these verses and highlight how the Bible shows the importance of us engaging others. Lastly, I discuss how we will work together  and support one another this week in the Facebook group. We will all have a goal to engage at least one new person each day this week in conversation. At minimum, you will introduce yourself, learn their name, express your excitement to meet them, and then comment their name or a “thumbs-up” in the daily reminder post. As always, the goal is to share the Gospel, but success in Step-2 of the Pathway to Evangelism will require that we start each day by praying for God’s strengthening and guidance and then engage one new person in conversation. As always, I pray that you are helped in your personal evangelism growth.