74. Your Emotions Are Messengers with Heather Dressel

With Heart and Wonder

May 23 2023 • 44 mins

Are you a big feeler or highly sensitive? This episode with Heather Dressel is for you. We chat about:
  • What it means to be highly sensitive or an empath
  • Why having language for our experiences can make us feel less alone
  • Framing emotions as "energy in motion"
  • Why sitting with our emotions matters & what can happen when you don't
  • Practical strategies to release your emotions.

Want to connect with today's guest Heather Dressel?

Take a peak at her website >> https://www.divinelysensitive.com/
Find her on the 'gram >> https://www.instagram.com/divinelysensitive/
Check out >> New Beginnings: A Journey Within


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