163: Igniting Your Passion: Overcoming Adversity and Finding Purpose with Joe and Maritsa Kelley

Not Over, Just Different with host Natalie Ledwell

Feb 26 2023 • 33 mins

In this Not Over, Just Different Podcast interview, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Joe and Maritsa Kelley, a power couple who share their inspiring journey towards igniting their passion in life. Joe, a former law enforcement officer, shares his story of hitting rock bottom due to addiction to pain medication, and how he turned his life around to find fulfillment and purpose. The conversation centers around the importance of finding one's spark and purpose, and how to cultivate a fulfilling and passionate life. Listeners will be inspired by the couple's journey and gain valuable insights on how to transform their own lives towards greater purpose and fulfillment. Whether you're just starting on your personal development journey or seeking to reignite your passion, this podcast is a must-listen.


00:00 - Introduction

Natalie Ledwell introduces Joe and Maritsa Kelley and talks about their backgrounds and their work as coaches.

02:07 - Joe's Story

Joe shares the story of how he hit rock bottom in his life and how he began to turn things around.

07:23 - Maritsa's Story

Maritsa talks about her background and how she met Joe and shares her own journey of transformation.

11:25 - The Importance of Passion

Joe and Maritsa discuss the role of passion in their lives and in the lives of their clients.

15:00 - The Passion Test

Joe and Maritsa talk about their book, The Passion Test, and how it helps people identify their passions.

18:49 - Identifying Your Passions

Joe and Maritsa share tips for identifying your passions and the benefits of doing so.

22:53 - The Power of Intention

Joe and Maritsa discuss the power of intention and how it can help you manifest your passions.

25:49 - The Importance of Mindset

Joe and Maritsa talk about the role of mindset in achieving success and how to shift your mindset.

28:22 - Overcoming Obstacles

Joe and Maritsa share tips for overcoming obstacles and staying on track toward your passions.

30:45 - Wrapping Up

Natalie praises Joe and Maritsa's book and work, and they offer a free chapter of the book and access to their Ignite Your Passion Challenge.

Episode Transcription

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