Episode 31 | Being the Architect of Change - Selina Bolton, Director & Founder in Seed Partners

Lead To Succeed

Dec 9 2020 • 31 mins

On today's episode we are joined with Selina Bolton, Founder and Investor in Seed Partners who shares her very astute views on leadership.

Selina starts things off by sharing her views on leadership, with an effective leader being someone who enrols and inspires change and drives innovation, moving onto an important trait being the ability to understand the challenges around you. This is all about engaging with and empowering everyone, listening to all members in your team using effective communication to work together.

We move onto to an area we both really liked Selina's views on and this was how someone can demonstrate leadership qualities at any stage of their career, it's all about taking initiative, coming up with a proposal for change on your own terms, not having to wait for a budget, using this to get buy in and sell the vision to take a 'leap' - which all ties in to going above and beyond in your role.

We go into more detail on this and how this can be done within an organisation; being active in your role, identifying the change makers, creating a feedback loop and empowering others.

It's all about how you can contribute to the future of your company or your own business.

To summarise, in Selina's own words, being a leader is akin to be the 'Architect of Change'

A big thank you to Selina!


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