Are You Doing Business Backwards? Here's A Way to Fix It!- with Vincent Puglise

Flow Rising

12-07-2022 • 28 mins

In this episode of Flow Working The Entrepreneur's Podcast, I sat down to chat with long-time entrepreneur Vincent Pugliese about the benefits of a powerful network, how a single hour of generosity daily changes almost everything, and why most entrepreneurs are approaching their business backward.

Over the years of his own journey as an entrepreneur, Vincent has learned the value he receives in his business goes deeper than the clients who pay him or the partners who work with him. In fact, his new book, The Wealth of Connection, talks all about his biggest payback in life, and business has always come from the connections he fosters with other humans.

Would you like to learn how to add more wealth through connection? Tap a link below to connect with Vincent or grab a copy of his book today!


Book: The Wealth Of Connection


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