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EP167 What is a Sengoku Daimyo? - The Lost Episode!
Nov 25 2021
EP167 What is a Sengoku Daimyo? - The Lost Episode!
About 7 years ago, back in 2014, Forest Seal and myself did a bunch of episodes discussing various themes in Japanese history, and one episode that was never finished was this episode on the Sengoku Daimyo. The battery died while recording, and the reason we never revisited it was that it ended up more as a lecture, and we decided that a lecture format was not a format that we wanted to pursue. So we never moved forward with it, eventually forgot to redo the episode, and at that point it was transferred from old computer to new computer over the years in a random folder until I found it last week. Although the episode is incomplete, it is still a solid 35 minutes of introductory information on the Sengoku Daimyo. Also, because this is a long past episode, I did far less editing than I would normally, so I did leave in a lot of side discussion that I would normally remove. I thought it worked as a historical archive of something that we did a long time ago. So, enjoy this throwback episode to 2014. Support the podcast on Patreon: Shopping on  Use our link: Support this podcast: Samurai Archives Shop (T-Shirts, etc) Contact Us: Twitter @SamuraiArchives!/samuraiarchives Facebook: FB Podcast Group: Samurai Archives Podcast on Reddit: Samurai Archives podcast blog: Samurai Archives Forum:  Patreon Special Thanks: Luis, Cody Makua Burks, Marty Brennan, Kelsey, Patrick Stewart, Joshua Badgley, Dennis McDaniel, and Chip Lutton!