Album Breakdown #4: Kelly Clarkson Meaning of Life (:


Feb 6 2023 • 53 mins

Welcome to this week's episode!
Ya'll already know how much Kelly Clarkson means to me. There was no way in hell that I was not going to include one of her albums this season. So many of her albums mean so much to me, but "Meaning Of Life" was definitely the one that I was going to break down for ya'll. This is probably the best album that she has ever put out. Her voice is as big as ever and you can really feel her heart pouring out in every single track. So many people slept on this album which I will never truly understand, but hopefully, I can convince you guys to give it a listen! It's truly such an incredible record and I'm so honored to be able to make an episode about it! See ya'll next week (:

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