Album Breakdown #3: Kesha Rainbow (:


Jan 23 2023 • 46 mins

Welcome to our third album breakdown!
I'm sure all of you remember Kesha's hits like "TikTok" and "Your love is my drug" and "Die Young" and "Timber" right?
Well this album Rainbow is nothing like those songs. She is not only an incredible singer, but she is also a phenomenal songwriter and she blew me away with this album. I played this album nonstop for a whole year. She really did that. This album has everything from pop to rock to country to alternative and to folk. She is a true artist and I need people to start taking her a little more seriously. I love her so much and she really did change my life with this album. It's so freakin good! Hope you guys enjoyed my episode! I'll see you next week with a surprise episode...

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