Episode 24: Nitin Agarwal, Globalbees

Direct to a Billion Consumers

11-02-2022 • 23 mins

“We dream of building some really impactful brands which can create at a global scale and we will build the infrastructure to take it there!”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Nitin Agarwal, the founder of Globalbees – one of India’s largest e-commerce roll up players. Hear about Nitin’s journey through the finance world and start-ups till he finally decided to start up again with his friend Supam (the founder of First Cry). Through the episode you can hear Nitin’s excitement about brand creation and the large unbranded white spaces that still exist in India. Learn specifically about the Globalbees value addition matrix and what the process of a “roll up” integration looks like. Don’t miss the end of the episode where Nitin talks about what he is looking for in his next set of acquisitions…