Episode 20: Arman Sood, Sleepy Owl

Direct to a Billion Consumers

26-11-2021 • 30 mins

“I’ll upskill myself to learn to do it and, that’s the reason that Sleepy Owl is the brand it is today”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Arman Sood, the co-founder of one of everyone’s favourite D2C brand, Sleepy Owl. Hear the story of 2 lawyers teaming up with another friend to solve the problem of the poor coffee they had at their offices. Learn about how these 3 founders revolutionized the way the Indian consumer looked at coffee by building one of the strongest new age consumer brands in India. Don’t miss Arman’s tips on the highest quality over quantity when it comes to brand campaigns. As the episode wraps up, pay close attention to his 3 tips on fundraising that he has picked up from his 6 year journey.