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8: From Frontlines To Faith (feat. Moshe Eliyahu Cerezo)
Mar 2 2023
8: From Frontlines To Faith (feat. Moshe Eliyahu Cerezo)
Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast, where we sit down with Moshe Eliyahu Cerezo, a 9-year veteran who served in Afghanistan and discovered his passion for Judaism. Moshe's journey towards Judaism is an inspiring one, filled with determination, perseverance, and a thirst for knowledge. Moshe's curiosity about Judaism began long before he even joined the military. Growing up in a non-religious home, he was always intrigued by the customs, rituals, and teachings of Judaism. However, he never had the opportunity to explore his curiosity until he was discharged from the military and decided to pursue his dream of converting to Judaism. In this episode, Moshe shares with us the challenges he faced as he embarked on his journey towards Judaism. From learning Hebrew and studying the Torah, to embracing a new way of life and culture, Moshe's path was not an easy one. However, his unwavering determination and commitment to his newfound faith kept him going. As Moshe opens up about his struggles, he also shares with us the joy he found in discovering his place in the Jewish community. He talks about the support he received from his mentors and the warm welcome he received from the community. His story is a testament to the power of community and the importance of pursuing one's dreams. As we listen to Moshe's story, we are reminded that no matter where we come from or what obstacles we face, we can always find a way to pursue our passions and discover our true selves. Join us in this powerful conversation with Moshe Eliyahu Serezo, as we explore his journey towards Judaism and the lessons we can all learn from his experience.