Little Dog, Medium Dog, and Astra

Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi

02-10-2019 • 49 mins

This week on YFT, Brandi shares how she picked out her new pup Astra (who is not named after Brad Pitt’s new movie) and Wells is now an aspiring photographer with uneven boob sweat. Brandi’s Instagram is currently being taken over by pictures of her new brown-eyed Husky whose name means ‘Stars’ since Brandi’s obsessed with space right now. Wells is also trying to turn Carl into an Instagram star now that Wells has his fancy YouTube camera, and also because that dog needs to pay his way! The hosts debate the benefits of GPS tracking dog collars and why they don’t make them for humans yet (Wells needs one ASAP), the best ways to shoot flies straight out of the air, and Wells’ potential profession of voicing movie trailers. Brandi and Wells have plenty of favorites this week and no least faves, so the show is staying true to its name. Also, find out which Dancing with the Stars couple Wells thinks is going to start doing the Horizontal Mambo on their time off. Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers! MEUNDIES– To get 15% off your first pair, free shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, go to MeUndies.com/YFT FABFITFUN– Use coupon code “YFT” for $10 off your first box at www.fabfitfun.com #fabfitfunpartner