Taylor Swift Hoe Of The Century! We Love Hip Hop Ep 30 Part 1

We Love Hip Hop Network

31-08-2017 • 1 hr 11 mins

We had crazy fun on this intro here where we go through the Hip Hop Tea! We discus the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts, Taylor Swtift vs Kanyne and more! Along with the intro for this weeks interviews!! Smiff n Wessun and A-Trak! Please see the links for part 2 and 3 below! PART 2: Smiff n Wessun Lessons! We Love Hip Hop Ep 30 Part 2 Smiff & Wessun http://bit.ly/2eHifIV PART 3: A-Trak Montreal to the World! We Love Hip Hop Ep 30 Part 3 (DJ) A-Trak http://bit.ly/2vLZAkJ Friday: www.instagram.com/fridayrickydred/ PK Herc: www.instagram.com/ssc_heyhercs_pk/ Big Shout Out to Boroheads Glass Gallery @ 600 Church Street Boroheads: www.instagram.com/boroheads/?hl=en Toronto Organic: www.instagram.com/torontoorganics/?hl=en SixSocksToronto: www.instagram.com/sixsockstoronto/?hl=en Hip Hop Canada: www.instagram.com/hiphopcanada/