119. The Value of Peace with Nicole, Morgan, and Jenni

The Kristen Boss Podcast

Jul 27 2022 • 52 mins

Today Kristen interviews three mastermind members who are in Round 2 of the Purpose and Profit 6-Figure Mastermind. They dive into how the industry and marketplace has changed in our post-pandemic world and how they’ve had to lead and recruit differently. They also cover how they each experienced Round 1 vs. Round 2 and how they’ve found peace in running their businesses.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Why slowing down to work on the foundations of your business is imperative to building a long-term successful business
  • The leadership shifts they had to make in a post-pandemic market
  • The different mindsets each of them were in when they joined and the different areas they had to heal in order to have peace
  • Learning that ‘hustle’ isn’t an action–it’s a mindset
  • How systems changed each of their teams and recruiting
  • How being in the room/container changes all areas of their lives: business, motherhood, partnerships, and more
  • How the safety of the container allows for big breakthroughs

The first round of the mastermind can feel jarring if you’re used to the hustle and grind of growing your business. But Nicole, Morgan, and Jenni leaned into that discomfort and decided to go all-in on both rounds. You can’t put a price tag on running a business from a place of peace. The mastermind container has helped each of these women create that experience from different experiences and tools from the mastermind. Listen in to hear their stories now!

Nicole Van Cleve helps women build wealth in every area of their lives: time, money, and life experiences. Find her on Instagram here: @niccivancleve

Jenni Barrett supports millennial moms who want more from life without the need to show up perfectly. Find out more here: pnwactive.com

Morgan Peitzman helps you create routines that can help you ditch overwhelm in your motherhood and homemaking. Find her on Instagram here: @morganpeitzman

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