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The audio adventure of 2 nincompoops, Julia and Tyler. These astute homo sapiens were overwhelmed by the grueling demands of community college and now have their own respective radio shows at B96 in Chicago. Tune in for hot takes, pop culture drama, working through life's worst pickles, interviews with only the most inexplicably strange humans and celebrities, and true buffoonery. read less


What Do You Call A Cow With No Legs?
Apr 17 2020
What Do You Call A Cow With No Legs?
New quarantined episode with A SPECIAL(ish) GUEST!!!!!   His name is Rayne and he gave Julia her big career break which ultimately led her to whatever this podcast is.  He is also 1/3 of the Wake Up Call on 106.5 The End in Sacramento which you can listen to every morning on the app.   He also has a big fancy title ... Director of Music Direction Director or something.   For yet another week, there was no plan whatsoever before hitting record.  Rayne discusses the dumb stories about how he first met Tyler and then Julia.  They then dive into Chris D'Elia's new special and throwback movies now available on Netflix.  Where did the Spanky's Corner name come from?  It didn't come from a police officer named Spanky who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma... but Tyler does, in fact, have a story about a police officer named Spanky who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   Last week, Julia and Tyler dove into the best interviews of their careers.  This week.... worst interview of their careers.  THE ANSWERS WILL (probably, maybe) SHOCK YOU!!!!  Is there a Paris Hilton, Anna Kendrick or former American Idol contestant reference?  Probably.  JULIA HAS BEEN IN THE SAME ROOM AS ZAC EFRON!!!!  SHE DESCRIBES HOW BEAUTIFUL THAT CHISELED HUMAN IS IN EXPLICIT DETAIL!   Tyler has a story about being hungover and puking at a radio station ticket giveaway event.   Fun!   Rayne, Julia and Tyler throw out stories about who they have been starstruck by.   THE ANSWERS WILL (probably, maybe) SHOCK YOU!!!! Eventually, Sonic tries to jump on the podcast from his quarantine.  It was flawless execution using our available technology.  HE BROUGHT DAD JOKES THAT YOU CAN USE TO IMPRESS YOUR FAMILY!!!!  To wrap up this nonsense, a humdinger of a story about the time Rayne and Tyler's wife got 12 people kicked out of a strip club.  Wash your hands.