Gallery Savvy with Justin Wheatley

Art on the Blockchain by Open Art Source

15-05-2021 • 23 mins

Artist Justin Wheatley secured gallery representation right out of college and has worked with a number of galleries in the years since.

In this episode, Justin talks about the importance of galleries to a community's culture, how to build and maintain relationships with gallery owners, and where he finds motivation and inspiration.

Justin Wheatley was born and raised in Clinton, Utah. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Utah State University with an emphasis in drawing and painting, and a Masters of Arts from National University, with a specialization in National Board Leadership. His work is influenced by his love for nature and architecture. Justin currently resides in Salt Lake City with his wife and four daughters.

Justin is represented by galleries across the west and has work in the collections of the Springville Museum of Art, Brigham Young University, Marriott International, Royal Caribbean, Salt Lake County, the University of Utah, the LDS Church, and Utah Arts and Museums.

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