If I Were a DJ by Sophia Considine - Grenade or Fire?

MIPA Podcasting & Audio Storytelling

13-07-2020 • 17 mins

"If I Were a DJ" reviews newly released music of different genres, focusing on their instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics. Before the podcast, the host and guests listened and took notes on the songs reviewed. The actual songs are not played during the podcast.

By the end of the video, one of the songs will be added to our playlist.

"Episode 1- Grenade or Fire?" brings in guests senior Aleya Miller and senior Kendall Westgate to join our host, senior Sophia Considine. Which song will they add to their personal playlist? Which song will take a spot on the Ike News Playlist?

Ellie Goulding: https://bit.ly/38U8yBr
Lauv: https://bit.ly/3gUdDwr
Bear's Den: https://bit.ly/3030YAA
Paul Frith: https://bit.ly/2ZsasX2
Fuel on the Fire-Fragments: https://binged.it/3frTKMZ
Slow Grenade: https://bit.ly/2Zmb00G